Planning for Technology and Infrastructure

Addressing the needs of the iGeneration Learner

NAD Recommended Technology Plan

A Strategic Technology Plan is a specific type of strategy plan that communicates an organization’s current technology status and outlines where they want to be some time in the future with regard to the technology and infrastructure in their organization.

The Basic Technology Plan template incorporates the NAD technology standards to drive the technology instructional planning.  The Advanced Technology Plan is a robust plan that is better suited for larger schools with greater resources and numerous/complicated assets to manage.

Basic Plan Template 1     Basic Plan Template 2
Advanced Template 1 Advanced Template 2

Versacare Technology Grant

Versacare’s roots were founded in the oversight of Hospitals and health care facilities, providing health care for thousands of people annually.  Currently, the Versacare Board oversees the management of their assets as well as income derived from the Care Center operations.  The grant activities are carried out through The Versafund, which annually distributes Grants to various supporting ministries and other qualified organizations, primarily within the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination.

Versacare Mission Statement
It is the purpose of Versacare, Inc. to serve humanity by engaging in activities that will further the kingdom of God and restore the Image of God in man. We believe that this fidelity to the Gospel of Jesus urges us to emphasize human health and dignity and the search for knowledge.

Application Guidelines