NAD Sample Policies

Adventist School Digital Media Policy

Adventist schools have a unique opportunity to help students develop fully in all areas of their lives. These guidelines attempt to help our students to practice self-control and time management and to celebrate and respect the diversity of thought as modeled by Jesus. It is the school’s responsibility, in cooperation with parents, to protect students in the classroom and beyond.

Sample Digital Media Policy

Sample Digital Media Guidelines for Students

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is an important document which governs students’ use of the internet at school and covers a wide range of issues surrounding the rights, responsibilities and privileges – as well as sanctions – connected with computer use.



North American Division has created some guidelines for personal use of social media.

A employee’s online presence always reflects their faith and organization of employment. Therefore, the Social Media + Big Data department of the North American Division recommends the following social media guidelines. The absence of, or lack of explicit reference to a specific site or platform does not limit the extent of the application of this policy. Where no guideline exists, employees should use their professional judgment and take the most prudent action possible.

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