Adventist Education
Discounted Resources

Online resources for the NAD SDA schools at negotiated pricing.

How can schools purchase digital resources at negotiated pricing for NAD schools?

All ordering/communication is done directly through the vendor.

NAD has vetted digital resources and negotiated discounted pricing from the following vendors:

  1. ALEKS
  2. Blackbird Coding
  3. BrainPOP
  4. Infobase Learning
  5. IXL – also available by conference purchase
  6. Learning A-Z
  7. Lightspeed
  8. Mathletics/Mathseeds
  9. Mobymax
  10. NetSupport
  11. Seesaw
  12. TypingAgent
  13. Yeti Academy
  14. Zoom

Helpful Tips

  • You will need your ORG ID number.  (Find this in the Dashboard. Please DO NOT make this up.)
  • Consider “padding” your quantity. This is for the purpose of any students you may gain during the school year.
  • If you have questions about ordering, contact the representative listed on the flyer.