Britannica Digital Learning

Britannica resources are available to NAD PK-12 students and teachers in six unions.

Britannica School

Schools in these Unions have free access to Britannica School:

  • Atlantic Union
  • Columbia Union
  • Lake Union
  • Mid-America Union
  • North Pacific Union
  • Southern Union
  • Guam-Micronesia Mission

Username: School Org ID (all lower case)
Password: nadsa1

Ask your school principal/head teacher for your school’s ORG ID.

Create your own Teacher Account: Information

  • Three levels of encyclopedia access including EBSCO.
  • Click the button below to access login.
  • Informational Flier

Britannica Image Quest

Username: School Org ID (all lower case)
Password: nadsa1

  • Images – millions of rights-cleared images
  • Click the button below to access login.
  • Informational Flier

Britannica eBooks

  • Variety of non-fiction eBooks for grades PK-12
  • Improve reading comprehension with the progressively challenging informational texts in Britannica’s rapidly expanding e-book collection.
  • 108 titles are now available for art, early childhood, language arts, math, science, social studies, and other school subjects.
  • Brimming with brilliant illustrations and vivid photographs, each e-book helps develop the essential literacy and critical-thinking skills that students need to succeed.
  • They are great for everyday classroom use, in after-school programs and summer school, or for homework help!
  • Informational Flier

Click the button below to access the login portal.

Choose the option to “Register Now” to create your personal account.  Moving forward, use the “Sign In” option. 

Disclaimer: The purpose of the EB eBooks resource is to widen the scope of the educational materials available to classroom students and teachers. This resource is designed to complement the NAD curricula. Each eBook has been reviewed prior to inclusion as a resource. However, teachers are encouraged to review each resource prior to introducing it into the classroom. While most resources are consistent with the Adventist Worldview, teachers always should use their discretion as to whether to make the resource available taking advantage of the teachable moment, discussing what is or is not in alignment with the Adventist worldview, examining ways to review and process information that is not in alignment, and sharing methods for interacting and relating to others whose views are different.

Log in to your Adventist Education Dashboard account and click on Files to find these informational sessions highlighting the Britannica Digital resources available to all NAD educators and students!  (


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  • Britannica School for Middle School and High School Teachers
  • My Britannica for Teachers
  • Image Quest for Teachers
  • Britannica EBooks for Teachers
  • EBSCO Resources in Britannica
  • Image Quest for Librarians
  • Britannica School for Librarians
  • Britannica EBooks for Librarians

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