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Empowering people with the passion and skills necessary to further the Kingdom of Christ in the 21st century.

Adventist Learning Community

The Adventist Learning Community (ALC) is a Seventh-day Adventist ministerial and educational platform designed to strengthen professionals through continuing education courses, teaching courses, ministerial training, and dissemination of uniquely Adventist content for the church community and beyond.  Because courses and resources are online, you can access your materials anywhere you have an internet connection at your convenience.

We have selected courses and resources that are featured on the NAD Office of Education Department page.  These are available to NAD Educators when logging in with their Adventist Education Dashboard login credentials.

Take advantage of your ePortfolio! A direct line between your completed courses/PD activity and your Union Certification Registrar! For a personalized view of your portfolio, to request CEUs, or view your course list, click on the Dashboard link in the top right of the ALC page.

How to Navigate in the ALC for Educators

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Webinars

Professional development may be obtained by taking part in live webinars or watching recorded webinars. Re-certification credit may be obtained by listing the webinars on the Application for Non-Academic Credit that is submitted to the local conference at the end of the year.

Topics range from Differentiated Instruction to ByDesign to Validating our Adventist Education Standards – and more. Want to review a session you watched or perhaps catch one you missed? Visit the Webinar Archives. All webinars are recorded and available in the Dashboard Files area.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are at 7pm Eastern time and are recorded. Miss a webinar or want to review it? The recordings for sessions hosted by NAD can be found in the Dashboard | Files | Webinar pages.


Conventions & Workshops

Every year, there are dozens of educational conferences and expos in the US that bring educators together to discuss best practices, test new tools, and make connections with fellow educators. One look at a calendar of all of the year’s upcoming conferences might just seem like a jumble of strange acronyms. With so many different conferences to choose from, it can be hard to decide which conferences you should attend.

To help you narrow down which might be most beneficial to you, view information on some of the top national EdTech conferences sorted by categories, along with some of their most important details. Here are the quick facts you need to know about some of the top EdTech conferences in the US!

EdTech Conferences

Adventist Colleges/Universities Summer School

Summer Professional Development for Teachers From Adventist Universities

The Adventist Learning Community is pleased to announce that Adventist Teacher Connect is now live.  ATC will provide a central connecting point for Adventist teachers and schools in the NAD and around the world.

Click here to join Adventist Teacher Connect

Take a moment to complete your profile on ATC.   This can be a brief introduction about yourself and/or your class and what activities you would be interested in doing with another teacher and class.  Download the Connect Teacher Guide for ideas.

There are 2 main apps available now on this platform, Connect and Participate.


This is a database of Adventist teachers around the NAD and around the world willing to interact and collaborate with other teachers.   There are many cool activities you can do with a partner teacher.  Browse through teacher profiles; find a teacher you are interested in partnering with and then connect virtually with them and their class.  If time zones are a challenge, you can send each other videos or use other creative ways to communicate.


This section is dedicated to Project-Based Learning. This is where you can find ready-to-go project ideas, share your own project ideas and share your completed projects with the community of teachers.   If you have a PBL idea that you would like to share, click on “suggest a project” and simply follow the prompts to outline the project steps.  If you have completed that specific project, post your completed project too, including any pictures or videos you have.

If you run into any difficulties or have any questions, please contact Paola Oudri.  Feel free to spread the word and invite your teacher colleagues to join.