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Providing a Distance Education Program

The NAD Office of Education is in the business of building solid programs. If a school or entity is interested in providing Distance Education, there is a proven path with specific requirements that must be met in order to be an approved Distance Learning school.

Numerade (9-12)

Numerade is a free online video education platform committed to closing the educational opportunity gap.


Edmentum would like to provide free program access to Study Island for Home, Study Island, or EdOptions Academy to any school or district who has shut down due to this virus.


International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Resources

We hope this list of ITEEA and other resources is helpful to all educators during this unprecedented event.

Scholastic Free Online Courses

As schools across the nation close because of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of students are stuck at home with their classes on hold. But before your child gets too excited about not having to study, rest assured, parents, Scholastic has got your back.

The educational company has launched a “Learn at Home” website that has daily courses for students from Pre-kindergarten to grades 6 and higher.

Moving Online Now-How to keep teaching during coronavirus

This special Chronicle collection includes our best advice guides and opinion pieces on online learning, to help faculty and staff members make the adjustment if that time comes. While it is targeting higher ed, much is adaptable to PK-12.


Transitioning to Online Learning

We’ve put together a list of ways in which you can access and share our free resources—both on our website and through our partner platforms— with your students and colleagues. We hope these resources will be of service to your work.

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Making the Most of COVID-19 School Closures

With our hardworking community members and officials focused on large-scale responses and issues, let’s take some time to discuss how we can create positive and productive environments in our own homes with our children while so many schools are closed.

COVID-19 Resources

As the new coronavirus, COVID-19, spreads throughout the country, more and more schools are canceling classes and shifting their in-person instructional time online.  Many classroom teachers are now trying to understand the ins-and-outs of distance learning for the first time and looking for free online resources for schools. What does instruction look like? How do I ensure my students are still receiving high-quality education?  Will I be able to track the learning that is taking place?

Online Education in a Time of Uncertainty

My experience with online education comes exclusively from a crash course over the past four weeks—moving an entire school into the virtual world for the start of our second semester. So I profess not broad expertise, but rather since many others around the world now face similar challenges, I wish to share some lessons learned, from the perspective of a novice, and from having undertaken this endeavor in a period of profound uncertainty.