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Providing a Distance Education Program

The NAD Office of Education is in the business of building solid programs. If a school or entity is interested in providing Distance Education, there is a proven path with specific requirements that must be met in order to be an approved Distance Learning school.

How Distance Education Supports NAD Schools and Families

Griggs International Academy offers a wide range of Distance Education opportunities to NAD schools as well as to individual K-12 students. Whether a full curriculum, a single course, an elective, a filler, or a transitional option is required, Griggs provides flexible solutions without compromising on quality or academic rigor.

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~Deirdré Wilkens, MA | Course Manager/Curriculum Specialist |Griggs International Academy

EDTech Conferences

Every year, there are dozens of educational conferences and expos in the US that bring educators together to discuss best practices, test new tools, and make connections with fellow educators. One look at a calendar of all of the year’s upcoming conferences might just seem like a jumble of strange acronyms. With so many different conferences to choose from, it can be hard to decide which conferences you should attend.

Lake City Academy Teaches a Class on Drones

Lake City Academy teaches students to fly racing drones!

The Sky is the Limit when teaching a class on racing drones.

Coding with CSFirst

If you are like most teachers across the NAD, you have just started the work of preparing your classroom for the new school year.  As you report for duty, you may have started thinking about how you can add something new and exciting to your curriculum. I would like to suggest that you look into teaching some basic programing or coding in your school.  You might say “I barely know how to turn the computers on in my classroom. Learning code is very difficult.” Luckily, Apple & Google have come up with some great tools that teach coding in a fun way

NAD Administrators Experience EXSEED

Loma Linda University hosted about 40 educational administrators and university professors from around the country for a three-day conference for its Excellence in STEM Experiential Education (EXSEED), an innovative and collaborative program established to enhance integrated Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in K-12 Adventist schools.

Coding Apps for Students

Computer Science WITHOUT a Computer!

CS Unplugged is very much based on a constructivist approach: students are given challenges based on a few simple rules, and in the process of solving those challenges they uncover powerful ideas on their own.

Google Search Tips for Teachers & Students

Going beyond the quick queries to get a smart result.

TPACK Explained for Teachers

Reposted from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

TPACK is composed of three interlocking components of teacher’s knowledge: content knowledge (CK), pedagogical knowledge (PK), and technological knowledge (TK).