AE-Connect is a student information system designed by the NAD specifically for our Adventist Schools to meet the needs of Adventist educators. AE-Connect has been designed and developed alongside educators and administrators, and will take Adventist Education to the next level of Data Management.

AE-Connect will be fully integrated with the AE Dashboard – including a robust reporting feature.  This integration means current SIS work-arounds and nightly imports will be a thing of the past.  Populating of student and staff NAD ID numbers will be seamless. NAD approved grade scales will be set as defaults. This all serves to reduce the need for data entry and improve the level of accurate data and reports.

The modules are designed to optimize the focus of the individual. You’ll note that screen functionality is predictable. The list-based layouts provide quick and easy access for entering or accessing data.

A high level of attention has been on developing the application to meet the unique needs of our multigrade classrooms, as well as our Adventist Education system.

AE-Connect has been developed and designed to meet the needs of multigrade teachers.  AE-Connect will optimize recording of attendance allowing teachers to take attendance in one screen for all students.  It completely rethinks the way teachers manage multigrade classroom by providing a subject based gradebook, allowing teachers to view multiple classes in the same screen.  AE-Connect streamlines data entry in the gradebook allowing an assignment to be added to multiple classes.

AE-Connect is fully integrated with AE Dashboard providing seamless integration to allow data validation to happen within the SIS reducing the time spent correcting errors and reducing duel entry of basic student and staff data.  AE-Connect’s staff management tool allows conferences to centrally maintain account data reducing time enrolling and onboarding staff each year.

AE-Connect is designed for the unique schools and classroom setups within the NAD. AE-Connect provides teachers with easy to navigate screens reducing time spent with data entry and creating a user friendly database that teachers are excited to use.

When will this be ready to use?

  • The targeted release date for PK-8 schools is geared for the 2023-2024 school year. (In June 2023)
  • The targeted release date for PK-12 schools is geared for the 2024-2025 school year.
    • Continued development will take place to provide a full-featured application which will meet the needs of all of our schools – large or small.

What is the cost to use AE-Connect?

The anticipated cost is $10 per student per year – for the full featured experience. This has not been finalized.

There is special pricing of $5 per student for those who onboard in 2023-2024. This is for the 2023-24 school year only.

How do I get signed up to onboard? 

Contact Martha Ban and click here to complete commitment form.

Learn More! 

View more here:  AE-Connect FAQ

Request more information here! 

Members of the AE-Connect focus group are actively working in the app with our designer and development team to give feedback on features and functionality.  The intent is to make the product intuitive and bombproof.  

If you would like to be part of this epic journey, please don’t hesitate to connect with Martha Ban or Fawn Fahrer(AE-Connect, Project Manager)  We’d love to have you part of the team.  Sessions are held Wednesday and/or Thursday 6-7pm central.