Dreambox – Free Licenses


| 3.16.20

As your partner in learning, we have your back during these challenging times. For current customers, we would like to help you and all of your students by offering free DreamBox licenses through the end of June, 2020 for any students not currently on DreamBox in your school or district.

What is Dreambox? DreamBox Learning is an online software provider that focuses on mathematics education at the elementary and middle school level. DreamBox Learning provides pre-kindergarten through 8th-grade students with over 1,800 lessons presented as animated adventures, games, and challenges.

We have resources for Educators, Teachers and Parents to support learning in a remote environment, including:

  • Teachers  — Instructions for teachers on how to monitor and engage in student learning on DreamBox from home
  • Parents – Instructions for parents on how to log-on to DreamBox from home (please note if a student does not know their password, they will need to ask their teacher to reset it from the teacher dashboard)

In addition to these resources, our Support team is available to help you address any questions or challenges that may be specific to your school or district. For more general assistance, please contact us here.

DreamBox is committed to helping our customers ensure that learning continues despite these challenging circumstances.