Adventist Teacher Connect (ATC)

| 1.31.20

The Adventist Learning Community is pleased to announce that Adventist Teacher Connect is now live.  ATC will provide a central connecting point for Adventist teachers and schools in the NAD and around the world.

Take a moment to complete your profile on ATC.   This can be a brief introduction about yourself and/or your class and what activities you would be interested in doing with another teacher and class.  Download the Connect Teacher Guide for ideas.

There are 2 main apps available now on this platform, Connect and Participate.


This is a database of Adventist teachers around the NAD and around the world willing to interact and collaborate with other teachers.   There are many cool activities you can do with a partner teacher.  Browse through teacher profiles; find a teacher you are interested in partnering with and then connect virtually with them and their class.  If time zones are a challenge, you can send each other videos or use other creative ways to communicate.


This section is dedicated to Project-Based Learning. This is where you can find ready-to-go project ideas, share your own project ideas and share your completed projects with the community of teachers.   If you have a PBL idea that you would like to share, click on “suggest a project” and simply follow the prompts to outline the project steps.  If you have completed that specific project, post your completed project too, including any pictures or videos you have.

If you run into any difficulties or have any questions, please contact Paola Oudri.  Feel free to spread the word and invite your teacher colleagues to join.