iPad Management

| 4.29.19

As more and more Seventh-day Adventist schools look to deploy and manage iPads, having a basic understanding of the management options is helpful to relieve concerns and fears and to know that the classroom teachers can remain in control of the devices without much effort.

Two main options exist:

1.) Using Apple’s free, baked-in management software called “Apple Classroom”

2.) Using an MDM (Mobile Device Management) software to add additional management options to even better control classroom iPads.

While both options have their benefits, purchasing an MDM (option 2 above) will likely require either an IT professional to help set it up or someone willing to invest a fair bit of time in the learning and management process. For that reason, I believe that in many of our smaller and multi-grade classrooms, Apple’s baked-in Apple Classroom app will suffice and is very quick and easy to get up and running. In fact, here is a link to a very comprehensive PDF with step by step instructions of how to get up and running. Or, you may prefer to watch the Apple Classroom introductory video by Apple below first.


Some of the wonderful features Apple Classroom offers include:

  • Real-time screen monitoring of student iPads
  • Ability to lock student iPads to get attention
  • Ability to lock student iPads into a selected app
  • Ability to guide student iPads to a desired website
  • Ability to share resources directly with students from your iPad to theirs and vice versa

The best part is, Apple Classroom is completely free and comes ready to use on every iPad.