Wiresless Streaming – The Airtame Option

| 1.27.19

The market offers several great options for providing wireless streaming to your classroom display device, whether it be a projector or large LCD panel.

If you are a Chromebook school, then a Chromecast device will do the job.  If you have only Apple devices, then Apple TV will likely be the choice, and if you have mainly Windows laptops, then a Miracast device such as the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will work.  However, if you have a mixed environment or are supporting a Bring Your Own Device classroom, then you need a solution that will support all of these platforms.  There are several hardware and software based solutions that try, but the the best to date that I have come across is the Airtame device.

What sets Airtame apart from many of the others is that they are designed primarily for education and business environments rather than the home market.  This means that they have enterprise class security and network provisions built in (such as using your school WiFi, the included AirTame WiFi, or an Ethernet connection).  This does come at a higher cost, but that is well worth the flexibility and assurance it brings.

Screen sharing is possible natively or via a downloadable app from Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Mac OSX, Android, Linux, Chrome OS and Microsoft Windows devices. This means that whatever device you or your students may be using, they can share their content on your presentation device, be it screen mirroring, whole screen or single window sharing or streaming of video content.

Another great use for the device is Digital Signage,  You can have the device display any website, a Google Slides presentation, or included integrations with Trello, Unsplash, and a growing list of others.  This lets your presentation device be used for more than just class time.

A single or multiple devices are monitored and managed from the Airtame Cloud, meaning there is server you need to host.  The Airtame 2 device has recently been released with a stronger WiFi signal for better connectivity, more memory for better video streaming, faster load times and smoother transitions, and offers a Kensington lock port.

So, if you want to turn your classroom into a truly interactive learning environment that supports the full range of devices, give AirTame a serious look.