DIY Setup for Wireless School Intercom

| 1.27.19

Google Home – an inexpensive way to create a wireless all school intercom.

Google Home serves as school intercom.

We use Google Home devices in our school at Lake City Academy. There is a Google Home device in each classroom, in the office and in common areas. They are a cheap way to create a wireless all school intercom, and with our YouTube Premium membership, the teacher’s love access to unlimited music in their classroom without commercials. You can even pre-record announcements on your phone to make sure you get the message right, which makes it great for students to make announcements without fear of embarrassing mistakes. Taking advantage of Black Friday deals we got them for $79 each. I’ve learned a few things the hard way, so if anyone is interested in rolling them out I would be happy to help, email me

~Adam Weeks, Principal
Lake City Academy | Coeur d’Alene, Idaho | Upper Columbia Conference