Rocket Notebooks

| 1.23.19

Rocket Notebooks ( allows you to write, scan, send, and reuse content you create with your own hand using the camera on your phone.

Create notes and drawings in your own handwriting that are converted into PDF or JPG documents and digitized for searching.

The process is pretty simple.  Grab your standard Frixion pen and create your masterpiece on the special notebook page.  This could be a drawing, notes, or anything you want to write down in your own handwriting.  Then mark the area at the bottom of the page to denote the category the page belongs.  Then open the RocketBook app on your smartphone and take a picture.  The app analyzes the QR code on the notebook page and category while it cleans up your page for storage.  Based on your app settings the notebook page is sent off to whatever cloud storage and folder you prescribed.  I’ve been amazed at how clean the pages are scanned.  The whole process is pretty quick making the job seem less tedious than some other options I’ve tried in years past.  Interestingly, PDFs are digitized in such a way that they become searchable even though all you see is your handwriting.  The notebooks come in a variety of sizes and are reusable by simply wiping off the pages.  Checkout their upcoming feature that converts your whiteboard into what they are calling a Rocketboard.